This site is named Something Beautiful because is there anything more beautiful than those who have, sharing with those who have not?   It is a God-like thing.    God so loved the world that He...........Gave!

"God has given us two hands.  One for receiving and one for giving.  We are channels made for blessing, not vessels made for hoarding."   
~~~Dr. Billy Graham


God Bless You!

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To fulfill God's intended purpose for your life, you will need to know and exercise your spiritual gift.   Find out what it is.  Take the  
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At age 86, it is time for me to retire from Women of Worth International. WOW is a vision of the Spirit of God, now headquarted in Africa under the capable leadership of Rev. Timothy Tola.     

God has given me a new assignment.  It is to search the internet looking for free items for my Pastor friends, many of whom I met while managing the prayer room at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Conferences for Itinerant Evangelists.   Their number has grown to over 3,000 Pastors and tens of thousands of women worldwide.

The site was designed for people in developing nations, but many others around the world tell us it has enriched their ministries .   We hope it is a blessing to you as well.!


Marilyn Orton

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