This site is named Something Beautiful because is there anything more beautiful than those who have, sharing with those who have not?   It is a God-like thing.    God so loved the world that He...........Gave!

  "God has given us two hands.  One with which to receive, and one with which to give.  We are channels made for blessing, not vessels made for hoarding."  --Billy Graham

Although this page was developed for thousands of Pastors and tens of thousands of women, in the
Women of Worth International program who lack materials and resources for minitry, it has become a rich resource for anyone looking for quality materials that are totally free of charge.

Everything on the pages is free.  All you have to do is to look for the item you want, click on it, and follow the instructions on the page to receive the free item.



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Marilyn Orton


God Bless You!